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Healthy Beginnings

Expectant Moms Preparing for Baby

Healthy Eating and Smart Shopping

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Expectant Moms

In the words of a Native American midwife, Katsi Cook, a women’s body is the first environment. The umbilical cord is the lifeline between the mother and baby. However, recent studies have shown that the umbilical cord and the placenta do not have the ability to filter the baby from harmful chemicals that the mother inhales, ingests or absorbs through the skin. Whatever a pregnant woman is exposed to, the baby may be exposed to as well. Read More.

Preparing for Baby

The health and development of children is most critical during the first years of life. It is important for them to eat healthy, be physically active, and most crucially, to avoid chemicals and toxins that could cause damaging health effects. Read More.

Healthy Eating and Smart Shopping

When selecting feeding items such as baby bottles and sippy cups, choose products that are listed as PVC and bisphenol-A (BPA) free. Beware of toys that contain toxic plastic softeners (phthalates), PVC (#3 plastics), and fragrances. When you’re not quite sure avoid the “rubber ducky.” Also be cautious of imported or antique toys that may contain toxic lead paint. Read More.

Healthy Recipes

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Early Learning Centers

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