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Toxic Exposure

Toxic Chemicals in Our Couches  
Study Tests Over 100 Couches Across U.S.

A new peer-reviewed study released today tested over 100 couch samples from across the U.S. and found that 85% contained toxic or untested flame retardant chemicals. This includes 41% of the couches testing positive for the cancer-causing chlorinated Tris, which was banned from children’s pajamas decades ago. Read More.

Cleaning Products

Unfortunately, cleaning product manufacturers are not required to disclose the ingredients in their products. Many cleaning ingredients are petroleum-based and contain harsh and harmful chemicals that impact our health! Read More.

Home Furnishings and Repair

Toxic ingredients may be everywhere, from your comfy socks to your couch to your auto repair products. Many couches, chair pads and other home furnishings contain flame retardants which are linked to thyroid, reproductive/developmental and liver problems. Read More.

Home Renovations

Most lawn and garden merchandise are products that are sold to control disease, fertilize, or kill some sort of pest (i.e. herbicide, insecticide, bactericide and fungicide). Although these products may keep the lawn green, many have been linked to environmental contaminations, degradation and disease in animals and humans. Read More.

WHE Ambassador Program

In early 2015, Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE) trained 12 community ambassadors to represent the organization by delivering educational programming to various neighborhoods throughout the City of Pittsburgh. Read More.