Community Workshops & Healthy Homes Kits

Geared toward young families, our Healthy Homes program provides free community-based workshops with hands-on activities, programming and Healthy Homes kits. With an emphasis on education and affordable solutions, we offer resources to families on maintaining healthy homes. Topics include lead exposure, mold, radon and green cleaning.  

WHE Community Workshop Topics and Healthy Homes Kits include: 


Free Healthy Homes Workshop Series

Our educational workshops outline different environmental health hazards in the home, how they impact our health and what families can do to help create and maintain a healthy home. The free Healthy Homes Workshop Series focuses on topics including Lead Exposure in the Home, Understanding Asthma and Air Quality, Creating a Healthy Home Environment, Consumer Product Safety, Green Cleaning, Personal Care Products and more!

Water Filters & Water Quality

WHE will distribute free water filters to any household with a child present in the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) service area. We typically distribute water filters during community workshops so residents may have the opportunity to discuss water quality issues.  Brand: ZeroWater Pitcher 

Green Cleaning & Asthma Action Kits

We distribute free asthma-friendly green cleaning buckets to reduce allergens, breathing triggers and safely address pests and mold in the home. Each kit contains (1) 12-quart bucket, (1) 24-ounce empty spray bottle, (1) 16-ounce white vinegar, (1) 1-lb box of baking soda, (1) microfiber cloth and (1) cockroach bait trap. 

Personal Care Product Workshop

We host free community workshops with a hands-on activity to discuss safer alternatives to beauty products and personal care products. Participants will typically be able to make body scrub, bug spray, air freshener and much more.


Heavy Metal Testing in Household Goods

Within 30 seconds we can test cosmetics, dishware, jewelry, toys, paints and many more commonly used consumer products for the presence of lead, mercury, arsenic and cadmium and determine if they are safe for you and your family to continue using or provide advice on what to do if they pose a dangerous  risk.