Healthy Homes
Program Overview

The spaces we live in impact our ability to live, learn and grow. Housing can be a contributing factor to health issues like asthma, allergies, lead exposure and other chronic illnesses. Poor housing conditions like chipping or peeling paint, pest infestations and holes in walls can be detrimental to health.

Healthy Homes Program

The Healthy Homes program provides relevant, reliable, science-based information to empower families to make changes in their home to create a healthier environment and become advocates for policies and regulations to protect everyone from environmental health hazards in the home.

Support & Resources

Through our Healthy Homes program we provide community workshops and programming geared toward young families around healthy homes, lead exposure, mold, radon and green cleaning and provide resources to reduce asthma and allergy triggers through our “healthy homes” cleaning kits.

Healthy Homes Workshops

Healthy Homes provides free community-based workshops with hands-on activities. We emphasize education and affordable solutions for families to maintain healthy homes.