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Dr. Marya Zlatnik and Dr. Jennifer Adibi Discuss Protecting Our Children's Health

How does our environment play a role?


Join us as Dr. Marya Zlatnik, MD, MMS speaks about the connections between environmental toxins and reproductive health. Dr. Zlatnik has a long-standing interest in environmental toxins and their effect on pregnancy. Topics to be covered during this workshop include: pollution, pesticides, plastics, and hydraulic fracturing (fracking), just to name a few. Dr. Jennifer Adibi will discuss her latest research linking phthalates, hormone disrupting chemicals found in thousands of consumer products, to prenatal health. Attend and learn how to have a healthy pregnancy! This session is FREE, thanks to our generous sponsors, but please register in advance. To register, click here. Special thanks to The Pittsburgh Foundation and The Heinz Endowments for supporting this program!  

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Fragrance-Free Schools Video Contest

Winners Announced!

WHE would like to congratulate first place winner Souderton Area High School located in Souderton, PA and second place winner Franklin Regional High School located in Murrysville, PA. We commend all students and faculty involved in these productions for creatively making the connections between health effects and fragranced consumer products, used both in the home and school settings. 

In an effort to generate more awareness about this initiative, we are launching a student video contest. More than 53 million children and 6 million adults in America spend significant amounts of time in more than 120,000 school buildings across the country. School buildings can contain harmful contaminants and chemicals that impede learning and overall health. Studies have shown that certain cleaning products used in the school setting, such as industrial-strength cleaning products and room deodorizers/air fresheners, contain chemicals identified as potential asthmagens (triggers of asthma symptoms), allergens, pre-carcinogens and air contaminants.

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