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Air Pollution and Autism

The University of Pittsburgh’s Graduate School of Public Health announced a groundbreaking study today linking exposure to toxic air pullutants with increased risk of autism spectrum disorder. We owe it to our children to clean up our air once and for all. To read the full story, click here.

In 2014, another study by Harvard indicates that pregnant women may nearly double their risk of giving birth to a child with autism by inhaling smog. To read more, click on this link: Autism and Air Pollution: New Study Bolsters Suspected Link

US Senators call for federal investigation on safety of synthetic turf 

EPA missed their deadline of November 6th to answer Congress on the dangers/safety of synthetic turf fields. Now Sen. Blumenthal is asking the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) to thoroughly study the health risks of synthetic turf fields. At his press conference on Novemeber 6th,  Sen. Blumenthal recommended that no new synthetic turf fields be installed until the  CPSC completes its study. From Blumenthal's press conference last Friday, "Sen. Blumenthal said he would encourage any school district or municipality considering installing a synthetic turf field or playground made with crumb rubber to wait until this study has been completed."

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