Ameeta Schmitt

I am an Assistant Principal at Pittsburgh Brashear High School. Formerly, I taught grades 9-12
for 7 years as a Foreign Language instructor. I recently completed my Doctorate in Education
where my work focused on language, literacy, and culture. Throughout the program, I was also
involved in Social Justice Advocacy work. Being an employee in a highly diverse building has
stretched my thinking about what it meant to have a healthy school. The more I learned, the
stronger my drive to strive for healthy school grew. For me, a primary focus is on the prevalence
of food desserts in parts of the city and lack of public transportation to access food sources.

We invite you to Women for a Healthy Environment’s Annual May Day Green Soiree fundraiser that celebrates creating healthy communities for 14 years!

The evening will consist of delicious food, amazing entertainment and lots of fun, including special guest The Franchise Band, all in a beautiful setting along the river!