LaVerne Baker Hotep

LaVerne Baker Hotep is a human potential expert, inspirational speaker and founder of LaVerne Darnell International, a consultancy specializing in assisting individuals worldwide to align with their personal and universal soul purpose and reclaim their natural gifts.    

As a family development specialist for Allegheny County Family Support Center at the Kingsley Association, LaVerne works to bolster young families and specializes in historical/intergenerational trauma training, which she has also facilitated in Liberia and South Sudan.

LaVerne is founder and director of Me2 Sister Circle™, a self-care and enrichment program for mothers. She is a founding member of PA Women in Agriculture Network advisory council (PA WAgn), creator of the EVE Project: Enlightened Voices for the Environment and creative director and host of the podcast project: Black Girl Back Talk™: Stories of Racial Bias from Girlhood to Womanhood.