Cleaning Equipment Lending Library

Early learning providers have an opportunity to request free use of cleaning equipment so they may utilize best cleaning practices at their learning center. This was an area of need identified once the City of Pittsburgh began its inspections of childcare centers for lead following the Pittsburgh Lead Safety Law, which includes collecting several dust wipe samples throughout the facility.

Why Deep Clean?

Deep cleaning is an effective method for reducing lead hazards in homes and early learning centers. Concentrating cleaning efforts on areas where lead dust is commonly trapped can reduce potential exposure to lead dust. At Women for a Healthy Environment (WHE), our goal is to create healthier spaces and provide education to early learning providers and families so that children may live and learn in areas that are lead-safe.


Learn about Deep cleaning

WHE staff hosted a webinar for early learning providers on May 30, 2023. The focus of this session was to provide information on sources of lead, health impacts from lead exposure, and primary prevention strategies to adopt that reduce risk of exposure. We encourage early learning staff to watch this recording to learn deep cleaning procedures in the early learning environment that, when consistently practiced, decrease exposure to lead dust.

What’s in the Deep Cleaning Kit?

The deep cleaning kit includes one HEPA filter vacuum and one double-bucket mop. A HEPA filter, also known as high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter, can effectively trap small lead particles without recirculating the particles back into the air. HEPA filters are also effective against allergies.

The double-bucket mop is effective at cleaning hard floor surfaces without spreading lead particles. The unique wringer removes any debris off the mop pad and leaves you with a clean mop. The buckets separate the washing from the rinsing while keeping the mop clean between cycles.

HEPA Filter Vacuum

HEPA Filter Vacuum

Double-bucket Mop

Double-bucket Mop

Request your deep cleaning kit today for temporary use over a weekend!


For questions, please contact:

Samantha Hernandez, Healthy Early Learning Coordinator via Email or at 412-218-0796.

Note: There is no cost to participate in this program. However, a $5 charge is required at the time of booking the reservation. This fee will be refunded upon delivery of the cleaning equipment. A $245 temporary pending charge will be issued on an authorized credit card during the rental period. The pending charge will be released when all items are returned in proper operating condition.