Healthy Childcare Champions

The Healthy Childcare Champions program by Women for a Healthy Environment offers an in-person assessment at childcare facilities to help childcare providers create a healthy, toxic-free environment for children to learn and play. Every assessment includes an Eco-Healthy Child CareĀ® endorsement and free supplies to help childcare facilities follow low-cost environmentally healthy best practices. This program is offered in Southwestern and Eastern Pennsylvania. Please contact our staff to learn more.

Download the EcoEco-Healthy Childcare Checklist

See the Healthy Childcare Champions who have completed the Eco-Healthy Child CareĀ® endorsement with the assistance of Women for a Healthy Environment.

A heartfelt thank you to our grant funders, the US EPA and the Hillman Foundation. Your generous grants fuel our mission to using a scientific approach to achieve equitable lives free of environmental harms through advocacy and community-based programs.