Lead Poisoning
Prevention Initiatives

The food and beverages we consume and chemicals added to everyday products used to clean and disinfect our homes could be making our families sick. Decode product labels and learn how to protect your family from dangerous toxins in food, cleaning and cosmetic products

Get the Lead Out Campaign

“Get the Lead Out, Pittsburgh” is a public awareness campaign designed to shine a light on lead poisoning in Allegheny County, helping families impacted by lead poisoning and enacting changes to make our community safer.

This grassroots campaign was launched at the 2019 Creating Healthier Communities Conference where 200 community members and partners gathered to learn from national leaders in lead poisoning prevention strategies. The public awareness campaign was then established as a local initiative to prevent a preventable problem.

Get Help and Demand Change

Lead Safe Allegheny Coalition

We envision a community where all Allegheny County children and their families live in a lead-safe environment. The mission of the Lead Safe Allegheny Coalition is to provide leadership and advocacy to advance strategic initiatives and foster collaboration among the community by focusing on primary prevention and ultimately creating a lead safe environment. Dedicated resources are needed for lead testing, screening, lead hazard control and abatement. Assistance for affected families, community education and organizing, workforce development for lead professionals, increasing the supply of safe, affordable housing options, training in lead-safe work practices for property owners, contractors and more is needed. Contact us to learn more and how you can help.

Lead Poisoning Prevention Goals & Strategy

  • Drive significant reduction in the number of children with lead poisoning in Allegheny County, with 50% reduction in children with lead poisoning over the next five years
  • Over the next ten years, ensure NO child is exposed to lead in the County
  • In 2020, make progress toward achieving these goals

Mobilize communities, organizations and people to advocate for local laws and policies to protect communities from lead:

  • Rental registries of lead-safe properties
  • Certified lead contractors
  • Lead-safe demolition and renovation practices
  • Total water line replacements instead of partial line replacements


Support municipalities working to create a community-driven response to lead exposure:

  • Get the Lead Out, McKeesport
  • Get the Lead Out, Wilkinsburg


Raise public awareness about lead poisoning and its impacts:

  • Share data to help inform decision-making
  • Collaborate with the Lead Safe Allegheny Coalition and all community stakeholders on issues related to education, policy and data


As there is no safe level of lead exposure, we believe:

  • All people should live in a safe, lead-free environment
  • Homes should be tested, not just children
  • Prevention strategies are critical, so children aren’t exposed to lead in the first place
  • Communities can drive change, which is why we’re working to educate everyone about lead poisoning and its impact and change perceptions