SWPA Cancer &
the Environment Network

Cancer is of great concern to people and institutions in SWPA, but few cancer-focused constituencies are engaged in efforts to reduce environmental exposures contributing to the disease. Collaborative work by these constituencies is the premise of this initiative, along with partnerships with others experienced in environmental health and solutions to stimulate action in research, policy, programs, purchasing and clinical practice to reduce environmental risk factors and strengthen cancer prevention. Environmental risk factors of concern in the region discussed at the 2019 Cancer and Environment Symposium, the launching point of this network, include air pollution, radon, carcinogens in consumer and building products and exposures associated with oil and gas development.

Our vision

Our vision is a future free of cancer and an economy that doesn’t rely on hazardous materials and technologies, but instead on approaches like green chemistry and product design that emulates ideas found in nature. For Southwestern Pennsylvania, this is a future in which all people have secure well-paying jobs that do not make them sick, and live in healthy homes in healthy neighborhoods, without racial disparities in exposure to toxins and in cancer rates. We imagine local, regional and state governments act boldly to reduce hazardous exposures before they cause disease; to dismantle policies that perpetuate inequities in social and environmental conditions which in turn affect well-being; to hold dirty industries accountable so it no longer pays to pollute and to incentivize investments that establish Southwestern Pennsylvania as a hub of innovation for a green economy. 

We imagine expansion of businesses to improve air and water quality, provide nutritious foods and safe products and maintain healthy workplaces. We imagine engaged residents who believe everyone has a right to good health and a clean environment and that both of these are foundations of a thriving economy. The people of Southwestern Pennsylvania respect science and are empowered to take action in their households, communities, schools and workplaces towards a bright future they help create.

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