Policy Analysis

Health Policy Briefs

WHE’s Policy Briefs examine key environmental health issues and present opportunities for local, state, and federal policy change that would create healthier homes, schools, and early learning centers. Each brief provides an overview of the environmental exposure of focus, its impact on health, current regulations, and policy recommendations. 

Coal Tar Health Policy Brief

Consumer Products Health Policy Brief

Glyphosate Health Policy Brief

Household Mold Health Policy Brief

PFAS Health Policy Brief

PlanCon Funding Health Policy Brief

Radon Health Policy Brief

Municipal Lead-Safe Policy Toolkit

The Municipal Lead-Safe Policy Toolkit contains policy recommendations for municipal action to reduce lead exposure and lead poisoning occurring as a result of deferred maintenance in rental housing, unsafe renovations and repairs that disturb lead paint, unsafe demolitions and drinking water contamination. Municipalities around the nation have begun to implement policies to address these pathways to lead poisoning. Policies promoting lead-safety in these areas ensure exposure to this neurotoxin never occurs in our most valuable community asset, our children. This toolkit was created in collaboration with the Lead Safe Allegheny Coalition.

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