Water Pollution

Water is a life source vital to our health and well-being. Drinking clean and healthy water is important. In an effort to reduce impurities potentially found in tap water, including chlorine and lead, find an affordable water filtration system to help clean drinking water. Look for an NSF-certified water system with a carbon filter or use a reverse osmosis system. Also note, drinking bottled water instead of tap water is not necessarily better for you. Save yourself money and drink from a filtered tap!


At each stage of its life cycle, single use plastics threaten public health. This includes the extraction process (through fracking operations), production phase requiring the need for added harmful chemicals exposing indiviudals to phthalates (hormone disruptors) and PFAS (cancer-causing), as well as pollution to our waterways with plastic nurdles (microplastics) and the consumer phase which can result in contamination of our food chain and toxic waste management. Take the pledge and eliminate single-use plastics from your daily routine