Professional development

What’s at stake?

  1. Healthy Schools Recognition Program: award and recognition program for schools
  2. Healthy Schools Summit: Annual summit featuring keynote speakers and engaging workshops on school health topics and priorities
  3. 1000 Hours a Year Initiative:
    grant program for lead and radon testing for schools and childcare centers 
  4. Technical Assistance: provide technical assistance on environmental health hazards and school sustainability initiatives such as lead and radon testing, mold and indoor air quality concerns, etc 
    Recent example: reopening schools toolkit:
  5. Environmental Health Curriculum:
    educational materials and resources available for K-12 students to learn about environment and health; we also have an after-school program called Eco-Schools that takes place in Homewood/PPS Faison in partnership with The Bible Center
  6. State of Environmental Health in PA Schools:
    Collect state-wide data on environmental health hazards for schools across the commonwealth to imform policy priorities
  7. Policy/Advocacy: Radon in Schools Workgroup, environmental hazards mapping (; and artificial turf project (in progress)

We invite you to Women for a Healthy Environment’s Annual May Day Green Soiree fundraiser that celebrates creating healthy communities for 14 years!

The evening will consist of delicious food, amazing entertainment and lots of fun, including special guest The Franchise Band, all in a beautiful setting along the river!