Professional development

What’s at stake?

  1. Healthy Schools Recognition Program: award and recognition program for schools
  2. Healthy Schools Summit: Annual summit featuring keynote speakers and engaging workshops on school health topics and priorities
  3. 1000 Hours a Year Initiative:
    grant program for lead and radon testing for schools and childcare centers 
  4. Technical Assistance: provide technical assistance on environmental health hazards and school sustainability initiatives such as lead and radon testing, mold and indoor air quality concerns, etc 
    Recent example: reopening schools toolkit:
  5. Environmental Health Curriculum:
    educational materials and resources available for K-12 students to learn about environment and health; we also have an after-school program called Eco-Schools that takes place in Homewood/PPS Faison in partnership with The Bible Center
  6. State of Environmental Health in PA Schools:
    Collect state-wide data on environmental health hazards for schools across the commonwealth to imform policy priorities
  7. Policy/Advocacy: Radon in Schools Workgroup, environmental hazards mapping (; and artificial turf project (in progress)