Contact Your Legislator

Women for a Healthy Environment strives to connect individuals and organizations with access to relevant environmental health resources – and one primary resource is having and utilizing your local, state or federal elected officials’ contact information. Contacting your elected official regarding issues you care about is one of the most integral ways of making change and ensuring the functioning of our representative democracy. 

Use the links below to find your local, state, and federal elected officials, and stay tuned to our UJoin about how to wield them to make positive change.

Contact your State Representative or Senator

For issues involving local or state policies, use this tool to find contact information for your state representative or senator.

Contact Your Representative or Senator in U.S. Congress

For issues involving widespread or nationwide issues, or law enforcement from federal agencies, use this tool to find contact information for your federal Congressperson.

Now I have my legislators’ contact information: What can I advocate for?

Click on the UJOIN icon to learn what policy issues WHE is advocating around and how to get involved.